Let’s Talk: Making Activities a Priority

Posted on July 27th, 2023 to Residex Blogs

By Activity Category – 

  • Productive: work
  • Self-care: exercise (body, brain)
  • Leisure: hobbies
  • Rest: nap, listen to music

By Dimension of Wellness – 

  • Cognitive: puzzles, card games 
  • Community/Vocational: hobbies, chores
  • Emotional: music, support groups 
  • Physical: chair aerobics, balloon toss
  • Social: coffee hour, birthday parties 
  • Spiritual: Bible study, church services

By Level of Assist – 

  • Independent
  • Minimum Assist
  • Full Assist

Helpful Hint: Organizing activities into different categories can help you see which activity areas you may be lacking.

What’s next?

  1. Select one of the organizational tools above and create lists of activities for each category.
  2. Consider the days, frequency, and time of day certain activities would take place. 
  3. Collaborate with other staff, including the administrator/director to discuss staffing options.
  4. Decide how many activities could feasibly be done in a day.
  5. Enter your activity schedule and print a weekly or monthly calendar directly from RTasks.

RTasks offers an activity scheduling tool that will help you create calendars as well as prompt your staff to chart attendance and participation. If you would like more information about activities in RTasks, check out our support document on this topic: https://docs.rtasks.net/docs/activities.

What’s New?

Your RTasks ID

Although this feature has been around for a while, it’s worth highlighting again! 

The RTasks ID has been established so that our support staff can assist you more effectively. Each new database is assigned a unique ID number. You can find your ID on the Campus information screen. When you call or email our support team, please include your RTasks ID number in your communication. We want to provide you with the best service possible, and using your RTasks ID  can help us reach this goal.

Update: Maintaining Industry Standards

RTasks is moving in a new industry standard direction with how changes are made to the incidents and assessments. The goal is that assessments and incidents will be uniform.  Standardization will allow changes and updates to be made for all users with greater accuracy and ease.

Keeping your incidents and assessment in sync with our standards will improve your ability to meet your regulatory and industry reporting needs now, and as those needs change in the future. We have started this process by creating a new group of resident incidents. 

The new standard resident incidents will be added to your database upon request, and the previous resident incidents will be made inactive to prevent any loss of data. 

In addition, if your facility partners with Leading Age, we will now be able to pull data from incidents and submit the data to  Leading Age for a quality assurance review. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to incorporate these new incidents into your database, please reach out to RTasks support at support@residexsoftware.com.

This Works Better!

Fax/File Notifications

We understand that it is important for staff to receive notification of incoming faxes/files. Previously, this notification was only coming to staff with the manager or supervisor roles. Recently, we modified the notification for Unread Faxes/Files so that it will now display for everyone with the Receive Faxes/Files role.

Click on this link to learn more about assigning roles: https://docs.rtasks.net/docs/security-details#resident-data-access-roles

Ask ResiDex

Q: Why would I want to purge snap messages?

A: Snap messages can be discoverable upon survey and many of the messages may be internal communications that are not relevant to the surveyor.

For more information about preparing for the survey, click here:  https://docs.rtasks.net/page/mn-state-survey-guide#survey-preparation

R​Tasks Connect

​Do you need to update resident family members regarding changes in resident care? Do you have a new staff hire that needs to sign paperwork? Does your pharmacy need to be made aware of medication changes or needs? ​We recognize that ​communication is crucial in effectively managing your facility.

What is RTasks Connect?

RTasks Connect is a messaging system that promotes communication between facilities, staff, residents, and their families. Additionally, RTasks Connect includes the ability for facilities to obtain HIPAA-compliant electronic signatures on documents such as the Service Plan.

​​How is RTasks Connect set up?

Those requesting RTasks Connect should contact RTasks support (support@residexsoftware.com).​ Access would be granted to an administrative user who then can create additional users within the database.

How do e-Signatures fit in?​

E-signature​s​ allow​s​ you to capture ​electronic ​signatures on ​RTasks ​documents. This is done in a secure, encrypted format.​ This feature pairs with RTasks Connect so that facilities will be able to offer an easier way to obtain ​signatures on agreements, contracts and staff paperwork.

What is the cost of ​RTasks Connect​ (including e-Signatures)?

Price​s will be based on the number of licensed units​ per location​. ​Contact ​our ​sales ​team ​for details at sales@residexsoftware.com.

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