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RTasks Blog: Pine River Case Study

RTasks’ Powerful Solution for Pine River Group Homes

RTasks revolutionized the care delivery and operations at Pine River Group Homes with tailored service charting and dedicated support. When the team at Pine River was searching for a software solution, they explored many vendors; however, they found RTasks offered the most flexibility and support for their needs. Their administrators and staff especially noted how RTasks’ representatives spent many hours understanding their specific requirements and connecting them with the right solutions to solve challenges in their communities. 

Record Organization and Accessibility

After implementing RTasks, Pine River immediately noticed how it was easier to manage all of their records and access them at any time. Using a tablet, computer, or other mobile device, RTasks equips any staff member that has approved access with the capability to view and edit records, no matter where they are in the community.

RTasks allowed Pine River to rid their file cabinets of clutter, as the platform consistently organizes electronic records for each person and home. Their team noted how the process of creating and managing records was intuitive and user friendly. Not only did RTasks streamline the creation and organization of resident records, but it also improved the process of handling staff records.

Efficient Reporting

Pine River Group Homes saw a dramatic improvement in the ability to efficiently obtain and generate reports. RTasks offers the reports you need and they are designed to inform staff of any concerns when issues arise. The Dashboard View on the RTasks platform gives administrators, nurses, pharmacists, and care staff the need-to-know information at their fingertips. This comprehensive oversight appears as soon as anyone logs in at any point of the day.

Pine River Group Homes needed support for setting and tracking appointments. With staff able to make real-time updates to records and service charts through RTasks, the monitoring and reporting of appointments to the expanded support team greatly improved.

Enhanced Security

Pine River Group Homes had serious concerns about anyone being able to access and take vital documentation related to residents’ care and services. In-home staff had to physically drive paper charts back to the office and turn them in, risking HIPAA violations and compliance errors; however, since relying on RTasks, there has been no information loss or failure. RTasks has enhanced the security of their service charting and operations, allowing their team to worry less about security risks and focus more on their residents’ health and well-being.

Unlimited Support

The RTasks help desk provides unlimited support to the needs and requests of clients, and Pine River reports how this is a huge help for their ongoing needs. The group homes are licensed under MN Statute 245D, and since Pine River has become an RTasks user, ResiDex assembled a 245D task force to keep up with the evolving licensing requirements. Even with constantly changing regulatory requirements, RTasks has helped Pine River stay ahead and mitigate any risk of penalties and violations.

Final Words from Pine River Group Homes

Pine River Group Homes has experienced great improvements in their operations, care delivery, and resident satisfaction since transitioning to RTasks in 2017. Trusting RTasks is the best way to improve your service charting and care operations.

Feature Highlight: RTasks Connect

RTasks Connect is the messaging system every care provider needs to effectively communicate between residents, prospects, staff, and families. The feature provides a secure way to communicate between everyone involved in a resident’s care, without the delays and inconveniences of traditional methods. RTasks Connect is also designed to enhance messaging between staff members, increasing productivity and job satisfaction. RTasks Connect is a free add-on for clients.

RTasks Connect Setup is easy: Here’s How!  Contact with your questions.

Reports Highlight

Report Index and Comparison: Comparison of report features and details – filtered by functional area and report category.

RTasks Reports by Category – Enabled: Every report in the RTasks system that is enabled for this database

RTasks Reports by Provider Type – Enabled: Every report enabled for each provider type in this database grouped by category and grouped by tags. Includes who enabled the report.

Ask RTasks

Q: Can I call the support line on the weekend?

A: Yes. On-call staff is available for emergencies.

More Info: An emergency is defined as a ‘show-stopper’ (i.e. your staff cannot chart).

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Recent Update

When a surveyor needs access to a discharged resident

If you are granting a surveyor limited resident access in RTasks, you can now select from a list of residents discharged in the last three years. Click here to learn more: RTasks Access Control..

Did you know?

New Incident Group is Available for MN

Have you heard that we’ve created a standardized group of incidents? This industry standard group brings all of your incidents up to par with MN rules and regulations regarding incident reporting for assisted living. Take a look at this comprehensive list! New resident incidents are as follows, 72 Hour – Antibiotic Follow-Up, Fall – Incident, Infection Reporting, Incident/Injury – Other, Maltreatment – Suspected, Medication Error/Near Miss, Mental Health – Incident, Missing Resident, Resident Grievance/Complaint, Skin – Breakdown. If you’d like more information please contact and we’d be happy to get your facility set up!

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