Activities and Enrichment

Health care in a holistic sense encompasses nurturing the interests and managing the activities of your residents.

From assessing interests to scheduling activities and documenting attendance, RTasks can make your activity programming hum.  Reports can provide helpful information on resident participation and engagement.


Creation of ‘Base Weeks’ or using our ‘Copy Weeks’ feature allows you to easily get a core group of activities onto your calendar.  A few more tweaks to add the special events you want and you have calendar-style or tabular-style reports that can be printed, posted, and shared.

Participation and Engagement

Documentation of participation for an activity is handled with a few quick clicks.  Engagement, or notes about that resident’s participation, can be handled here as well.  The detail is reflected in reports that can be provided to families and third-party payers and appears on care conference reports. 


Managing your life enrichment activities in RTasks has never been easier! Creating multiple activity calendars will give you the flexibility to customize your schedules to meet the needs of your residents. The ability to document participation and assess activity preferences rounds out the capabilities of your life enrichment efforts.



Creating a system for activities management starts with the creation of up to 4  templates or ‘base weeks’.  Add activities, specify times, locations, and instructions, and assign them to staff.  Apply base weeks to calendar weeks and add special events to create the complete schedule.  Finally, resident birthdays and holidays auto-populate the final calendar.


Providers to whom the activities are assigned can add resident-specific details about attendance and participation, creating a complete log of activities by resident or by community.  Documenting unscheduled activities, too, can create a complete accounting of the ways your staff are enriching the lives of the residents they serve. RTasks also gives you the ability to sign in and sign out residents who are leaving the building for a period of time.


Record activity preferences using the leisure activity inventory assessment tool. Indicate the activities the resident may consider participating in and add notes to create more detail. This allows activity staff to easily identify a resident that might be a fourth player for bridge or maybe a musician for a jam session. The activity questionnaire can be an invaluable tool for your activity director.

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