Service Charting

Resident-Specific Details

RTasks puts resident-specific details into the hands of your front line staff in every service.  The resident photo allows even new staff to correctly identify the resident;  flagged information alerts staff to high-priority medical concerns – code status, hospice, oxygen, seizures, anticoagulants, etc…  Links to the Current Plan of Care, Bio/History, and service-specific policies/procedures – and resident-specific service instructions – means that your staff have a number of key resources at their fingertips!

Real Time Updates

As staff document, the records are updated real-time.  For example, you can demonstrate that frequent safety checks or toileting schedules were provided as scheduled.  Co-workers can work effectively together by viewing a common To Do list that updates as each of the services is performed.

Notes & Messages

Staff can simply mark a service as ‘complete’ if everything went as planned – or they can note an observation or concern in the note field and click to share that with a supervisor, all in real time!  Services marked declined require a note – so upon review, supervisors can identify and justify services that were not delivered as scheduled.


RTasks is a state-of-the-art electronic charting tool providing caregivers the detailed information they need to perform delegated services and chores and document their completion. For service or chore charting, caregivers merely click (or touch) the complete button to record their name, date and time charted for simple services delivered. Staff can also ‘open’ a service to add notes of explanation, to chart values, and to notify the nurse or supervisor of concerns. Supervision services are scheduled to create accurate treatment records. All data is stored and is accessible for future reference in review screens and summary reports.

  • Delegate services and chores
  • Document task completion
  • Record services delivered
  • Add notes and chart values
  • Notify nurses and supervisors
  • Review past data and reports

To-Do List

As the nurse or supervisor develops the Service Plan for each client, the caregiver To-Do list is being created as well. Each service schedule can be sorted by time, resident or unit. Caregivers can easily move between lists to work collaboratively on specific services such as hourly safety checks, daily meal checks, and I am OK checks, Clicking on the service to mark its completion moves that item to the “Done” list. At the end of the shift, the ‘Done’ list is full, the To-Do list is empty, and charting is complete. Unscheduled meds, services, chores, and vital signs can be entered by staff as well, producing a complete Treatment Record.

Going Offline

Preparing for disruptions in internet service need not involve pre-printing paper worksheets.  With a single ‘hot spot’, staff can download their work assignments or To-do lists, then go offline to document medications, services, and chores. Once they are able to connect to the internet again, caregivers upload all of their work by simply clicking “online”.  It’s seamless! 

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