Assessments are customizable to meet state requirements and to address the needs of  your resident population. 

From pre-admission through discharge and from the full admission assessment to a specific subset assessment, we have you covered.  Assessment links to services can ensure the service plan correctly meets the needs of the resident, and a myriad number of reports are available at the touch of a button.

Reporting is key.

RTasks provides complete reporting for assessments as of any point in time during the resident stay.  We also provide reports that can drill down to the history of one resident assessment category – or can look across a single or multiple campuses at fall risk scores!  RTasks assessment reports are yet another invaluable tool in your box.


RTasks offers users a clean and efficient means of assessing and documenting resident needs and conditions.  Assessments can be fully-customized to meet the needs of the population served and also meet state-specific requirements.  Each full clinical assessment builds upon the last, allowing the nurse to review what was previously selected, make needed changes, and so keep the pool of questions up-to-date for each resident.  RTasks tracks the history of each assessment item, giving users ready access to the client’s assessed needs at any point in time during their stay.  An effective feedback loop is created as nurses complete an assessment and then indicate the next required date creating a reminder of upcoming assessments occasions for regulatory compliance.

Assessment Types

From the Pre-Admission assessment that is completed prior to move-in to assess resident acuity, to the Admission Assessment and periodic reassessments using the Clinical Update, nursing staff have the tools they need to effectively assess the resident and create the Resident Service Plan and Plan of Care. Custom Subset assessments can be created, allowing focused assessments such as MAHC 10, Fall Risk, Skin and/or Wound assessment, geriatric depression, med self-admin, safe smoking, or mental exams. Leveling tools are also available, such as the functional needs assessment, medical care needs assessment, service level tracking and service leveling summary. Auxiliary or non-clinical assessments can be completed by non-nursing staff, if desired, and include Dietary Preferences, Leisure Activity Inventory and Bio/History tools. From these assessments, you are able to report information to your staff such as dietary profiles and summaries, activity interest summaries, resident history and bio.

  • Resident Service Plan
  • Plan of Care

Custom Subset Assessments

  • MAHC 10
  • Fall Risk
  • Skin and/or Wound assessment
  • Geriatric Depression
  • Med Self-admin
  • Safe Smoking
  • Mental Exams
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