Incident Review

Once an initial incident report has been made, supervisors are alerted and can review, edit, and add their own clinical insights.  Even if the incident has been closed, additional note entry allows you to continue to document important information.


From a broad ‘numbers only’ summary of falls to resident-specific reports, we have them all.  Incident analysis reports drill down to one question across a campus, giving new understanding to questions like “where are our falls occurring”.  Knowledge is power!


RTasks provides a comprehensive system for recording, reviewing, and reporting incidents. Staff can make the first report of an incident by answering systematic, pre-set questions to provide incident details, and provide guidance to needed data collection and actions to be taken by staff,  Alerts and notifications of incidents allow Admin staff to review and edit that first report of an incident, then perform the Clinical Review.

RTasks offers both Resident Incidents and Staff Incidents (staff injury, attendance issues, etc.). 

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