Prospect Profiles

Prospective residents can be entered with a minimum of information, then elaborated upon as you collect information.  Everything from demographics, diagnoses, contacts & resources to pre-admission assessments can be handled.  Once a move-in is planned, that data is part of the resident profile.  No redundant entry!

Task Manager

Task Manager is the marketing tool to keep ‘next contact’ information out in front.  Schedule reminders to reach out to prospective clients/families, invite them to events, schedule tours, and document it all.  Task Manager can also be used to assign tasks to others – such as a Saturday tour for an out-of-town family.


And of course – reports!  When good information is entered, RTasks can provide quality reports as outputs.  Our Daily Sales Action Plan can provide the marketing department the overall summary of census, room occupancy, marketing tasks, and the like.


RTasks makes managing your marketing efforts a breeze as you utilize the tools built specifically for your prospects and referrals. Create profiles with relevant information and assign each lead a status for easy reporting. Use the Task Manager to stay up to speed with your contacts and make the most of your time. The marketing management tool is an essential tool in your RTasks tool box!

  • Create Profiles
  • Track Leads
  • Task Manager

Prospect Profiles

An effective marketing program tracks prospective residents from first inquiries to their successful transition as a satisfied resident. RTasks can capture key contacts and referral sources, assign tasks designed to build relationships with the prospect, and capture data specific to that individual (demographic details, preferences, and assessed needs).  Information entered in Prospex flows directly into the Resident Profile at the point of admission, eliminating duplication of entry.

Waiting List

Your marketing team can create a waiting list of active prospects, plus track prospect activity and follow-up using both the status and tagging options.These tools provide a way for you to organize and analyze your prospective client list. Filter your waiting list by housing type for a better picture of availability.

Task Manager

Task Manager is the tool that allows your marketing department to gain traction in the industry by scheduling and tracking follow-up activities for new leads from initial contact to  scheduling pre-assessments, tours, and follow-up phone calls to inviting prospects for coffee or campus activities.  Tasks can be assigned to yourself or others and progress is easily tracked as history. 

  • Pre-assessments
  • Tours
  • Follow-up Calls
  • Invitations
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