Security and Privacy


HIPAA? No problem.

User Access

Restrict to appropriate areas.

Data Privacy

Responsible data handling.

Security and Privacy

Security and data privacy are of paramount importance for healthcare organizations and their software, and RTasks has everything you need. RTasks, a HIPAA compliant system,  gives you the tools to easily ensure your data is appropriately protected and your staff is accountable.  We’ve got you covered.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance, as well as compliance with other state regulations, is critical to our business and yours, and is central to’s design and operation.

  • Data Encrypted-At-Rest
  • Cutting edge technical safeguards
  • Robust administrative safeguards
  • Frequent training for our staff
  • Deploy your polices & procedures for staff review


User Access

RTasks provides an entire suite of security tools to manage what your users can do in your system, when, and from where.

  • User-specific roles
  • Charting Restrictions
  • Activity monitoring
  • IP Address restriction
  • Security reporting
  • Security alerts

Staff Management

With RTasks, you will have a number of additional tools at your disposal for staff management and tracking.

  • Certification tracking
  • Meeting attendance
  • Staff Supervision
  • Training status
  • Competency Testing
  • And more!
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