RTasks unparalleled support is what sets us apart from other software. The software was designed by those with experience working in Assisted Living and we are continuously asking our clients for feedback and customizing the product to meet each company's unique needs.

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Our Mission

ResiDex provides a software solution for assisted living and group homes that is fully supported by committed staff who are continually developing our products and services to meet the requirements of our clients.


We’re all in this together. We work alongside assisted living caregivers to support them as they provide professional, person-centered care.



Our team includes individuals with diverse expertise and backgrounds. By collaborating closely with our clients, we are able to develop a product and services even more powerful than the sum of its parts.


We care. Our customer’s priorities are our priorities. Our team of nurses and experts will work with you as partners; we are here to work with you to help you solve your problems as quickly as possible, implementing solutions and best practices to prevent future problems before they start. We will listen carefully to your needs and concerns, and work with you to achieve your goals!

Our History

ResiDex Software has been providing Electronic Health Record software since 2000. In that time, our software has evolved into RTasks.net – a powerful web app that provides critical functionality in the domains of clinical, billing, marketing, life enrichment, reporting, analysis, communication, and more!

Unlimited Support

The ResiDex Software Support team is here to provide assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

As much help as you need, right when you need it.

  • Unlimited support & training during business hours.
  • Unlimited emergency support outside of business hours.
  • Phone
  • Webinar
  • Video Conference
  • E-Mail
  • Secure file sharing


Get Support!

Easy Onboarding

Starting a new EHR / E-MAR system can be a difficult, tense project – it doesn’t need to be.

With RTasks, you will have a dedicated implementation team focused on your success in launching our system.  We’ll work with you to prioritize your specific goals, help you identify obstacles, and guide you through the process for a smooth launch!

Detailed Documentation

Our documentation library has guides to help you navigate and use any part of RTasks. Quickly find a solution, look up references, explore what capabilities you might not be using, and even walk through your own self-guided training if you’re so inclined!

Explore our docs!

Unlimited Training

ResiDex provides as much training as you need, as often as you need it, delivered in the way that works best for your organization.

  • Dedicated training sessions
  • Regular recurring live training webinar  classes
  • Ad hoc training on demand
  • Video tutorials
  • Built in Learning Management System for self-guided training


Class schedule

We listen.

“ResiDex has taken every opportunity to listen to our company’s needs, and customize their product to match our expectations. The customer service has been outstanding.”

-Ryan J., Group Home organization in Minnesota

We're just a call away.

RTasks is one of easiest programs to learn and customer service is spot on. Just call if you get hung up.”

-Erica N, Assisted Living Administrator in Alaska

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4 Easy Steps to Getting Started with RTasks

Sometimes it's hard to make a change. Other times, the process is so easy, you wonder why you didn't make the change sooner.

Getting started with RTasks at your facility is easier than you think.

It just takes four simple steps:

  1. Schedule a 15-minute introductory chat with one of our Sales Specialists.
  2. Book a 60-minute software demo for a general overview of RTasks.
  3. Request your customized RTasks price proposal.
  4. Sign and return the contract to begin your RTasks journey.

If you’re ready to partner with the RTasks Team and minimize your survey stress, now is the perfect time to take the first step. Book a discovery call today.

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