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Revolutionize Healthcare

Are you looking for an all-encompassing EHR and eMAR that improves healthcare processes, enhances patient care, and streamlines workflows? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you are a large multi-campus organization or a small group home, ResiDex Software offers a completely integrated package of features designed to create effective workplace systems for you.

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RTasks by ResiDex stands out from the rest with our:

Web-based system

This allows our clients to access patient data from virtually anywhere. Cloud-based EHRs and eMARS offer a range of advantages for those who would rather focus on patient care instead of having to worry about hardware and software issues. No servers or remote logging in are required, and there is no need to upgrade or download updates as web-based software is always up to date.

Ability to use our software on multiple electronic devices

Long gone are the days that you must be sitting at your desktop computer to access vital information. We understand how busy our clients are and have made it easy for them to access the ResiDex platform from their tablet, smart phone, or laptop.

Knowledgeable support from industry experts

RTasks by ResiDex is designed by nurses, for nurses. It’s more than a catchphrase. We’ve worked closely with our customers to identify priorities and needs. We listen to their challenges. We’ve hired our own team of nurses and healthcare professionals, and we’re in this with our clients for the long haul. Our support extends not only through the implementation phase but through the life of our relationship.

Customizable reports

We understand that each organization is unique and needs specific reports to fit their needs. That is why RTasks offers over 1500 reports to exceed our clients’ expectations! We take great pride in being able to quickly customize reports that will help our clients gain the vital information that they need to be more efficient, effective, and successful.

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Revolutionize Healthcare Management

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