Housing Newsletter – June 2024

Posted on July 2nd, 2024 to Residex Blogs

New Features in RTasks

The RTasks team has launched several features in the past few months. This newsletter is directed toward our friends who work in Housing and Administration and includes exciting information about recent RTasks developments. If you are interested in learning more about any of these updates, please contact our team at 1-866-512-8369. 

Billing Updates

We work with each of our clients to discover their unique method of billing. Due to the evolving nature of state requirements, we continue to update our billing system to meet the needs of our clients. Recently, there have been many meaningful updates to RTasks billing. Check them out!

Batch Billing to MN-ITs: We also have the ability for providers who bill MN-ITs for their Medicaid (Elderly Waiver or CADI Waiver ) clients to set up batch billing so they can download a report from RTasks and upload it into MN-ITs. This means that they do not have to manually enter every resident individually when they submit claims to MN-ITs. This is saving several of our clients who do Medicaid billing a lot of time!

NEW Clearinghouse Upload: Clients now have the ability to upload a batch file to Availity for clients who receive their Elderly Waiver through Blue Plus.

Waystar Partnership: We have signed a contract with a clearinghouse company called Waystar. If providers are working with several different clearinghouses (payers) to submit their Elderly Waiver claims, partnering with Waystar allows them to submit batch files or individual claims to one Clearinghouse (Waystar) instead of going into each clearinghouse and submitting individually. For example, if the county allows residents the option to choose Blue Plus, Medica, or UCare, they could potentially be going into three different clearinghouses to submit their EW claims.

Connect Batch Email Feature: If you have resident contacts that prefer to receive their statements via email vs postal mail, the new RTasks Connect feature (see next article) allows billing contacts to receive those statements via Connect.

Adjustment Screen: The adjustment screen has been updated so users who make adjustments to charges save several steps in the process.

A new Payer choice called “Waiver Unknown” is added as a payer option in the event you know a resident is going to qualify for Medicaid but the facility does not yet have the information. The amount is locked at $0 and will help the integrity of the billing information when the facility receives the daily rate information.

ACH Submission Date: You can now set a default ACH submission date per campus in Billing Configuration and a resident specific ACH date on the Fees/Payers screen. The default date will fill this field automatically. For example, if you pull funds for your billing residents on the 10th of the month, but one resident has requested to have their funds pulled on the 15th, you can accommodate that in the Fees/Payers tab now for individual resident needs.

Editing Payers: A new tab is available in Billing Configuration for viewing and editing payers. Only staff with the ResiDex Admin role (411) can Create/Edit/Activate/Deactivate payers. Everyone else can only view the table on the first screen. In order to use batch billing, we need to have the payer ID and address for each payer you will be billing for and this screen allows users to keep these details up to date.

Discount Tab: There is now a tab in Fees/Payers to add discounts for residents.

Payer Tab Updates (Program Name): You now have the ability to enter more than one payer with the same program name under Fees/Payers (Payer Tab) allowing providers to keep track of the Elderly Waiver Rate, Housing Support changes, and update history.

Payer Tab Updates (Spend down): In addition, providers will need to choose which payer a Spenddown (if applicable) is subtracted from so it is calculated to subtract from the correct payer.  A spend down is an amount that some residents have to pay towards their service costs. The rest is typically paid by their Waiver program.

If you have any questions about these billing updates, feel free to reach out to our billing support team at billing@residexsoftware.com

Quality Assurance Status

Effective quality management relies on accurate quality data. The QA Status screen provides a way to quickly view this important quality data that your organization is tracking. This screen can be viewed by navigating to Fax/Print > QA Status. 

On the QA Status screen, you will see a list of quality related reports with a drop down option to quickly view the data from these reports. This screen can be composed of relevant reports that summarize quality data that you want to track. If you would like to add additional reports to this screen or remove a report that is no longer relevant, users with Role 411 have the option to manage which reports will be displayed on this screen. 

Some examples of quality data that can be quickly viewed on this screen include falls, medication errors, missed charting, resident/staff incidents, hospitalizations, psychotropic medication use, and much more. 

The QA Status screen helps you stay in the know on quality metrics that are important for compliance and can help ensure your residents are receiving high quality care. More information regarding the QA Status can be viewed here: Alerts/Dashboard/QA Status

RTasks Connect

RTasks Connect is a messaging system that promotes communication between your facility staff, residents, prospects and contacts. RTasks Connect allows for secure communications plus includes the ability to obtain electronic signatures on documents.

​​How does RTasks Connect work?

RTasks Connect is enabled by the RTasks support team. Once enabled, any admin or manager will have the ability to set up a restricted login to connect.rtasks.net for the ​resident, prospect or contact. The new user can then exchangemessages securely with the facility staff. 

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​​How do ​eSignature​s fit in?​

E​-​Signature​s​ allow​s​ you to capture ​electronic ​signatures on ​RTasks ​documents. This is done in a secure, encrypted format.​ This feature pairs with RTasks Connect so that facilities will be able to offer an easier way to obtain ​signatures on agreements, contracts and staff paperwork.

​​​Benefits of RTasks Connect:

  • Helps you communicate important information securely and privately.
  • Provides a HIPAA-compliant method of communication.
  • Opens the doors of communication with resident contacts​,​ staff,​ and pharmacies.​
  • Offers paperless signatures on important documents.
  • Provides easy access to signed documents.

For more information, visit our website: RTasks Connect.

Care Fundamentals LMS

Care Fundamentals LMS is a Learning Management System that provides courses for training staff on the essentials of caregiving. This comprehensive educational resource includes a series of videos that may include on-screen demonstration of skills, insight on personal experiences, and/or tips or tricks that may help you better service your clients. Videos are broken into short segments that are easily viewed. Questions asked after viewing the video are designed to highlight key points; incorrect answers simply re-explain and guide the staff person to the correct answer. When the course is completed, a comprehensive quiz will follow, requiring 80% or greater to pass. Reports are available showing staff training completed and those assigned but not yet completed. 

​​​What kinds of courses are offered in Care Fundamentals LMS?

Courses range from the basics of hand-washing to the complexity of dementia care. Each course has been carefully scripted and illustrated to engage your staff in a meaningful way.

Here is an example of available Care Fundamentals courses:

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​​​What are the benefits of Care Fundamentals LMS?

  • On-demand staff training for assisted living and group homes
  • Fulfills state requirements for training and education (depending on the state)
  • All-inclusive training without the extra platform and login
  • Easy access to staff training records
  • Ensures continuity of education and training

Here’s what our clients are saying about Care Fundamentals: “New hires have all commented and complimented the training. Stated they felt like they actually learned something. Easy to watch, tangible, applicable topics.”.

For more information, visit our website: RTasks Care Fundamentals.

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