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Medication Management

From the receipt and review of medications from the pharmacy, to marking a med as administered or declined, we offer a complete EMAR system.  Controlled medication management, documentation of meds sent out of facility with a resident on leave, or document the destruction of medications at discharge.  There is accountability every step of the way.

Pharmacy Connect

Pharmacy Connect offers a one-way integration with your pharmacy that  reconciles medications between facility and pharmacy.  The nurse retains the ability to review and process meds, as he/she knows best the resident preferences and degree of instruction needed for delegating med administration to staff.


Printed MARs make EHR-believers out of even the most ardent of paper MAR devotees – crisp, clean, legible and complete.  Declinations, held meds, and associated notes all appear on the completed MAR.  Ancillary reports give the nurse a heads up to missed or declined meds and PRN meds given (including their effectiveness). 


RTasks provides a full complement of tools useful in the management of resident medications.  Medication entry and EMAR are the very core of RTasks functionality. Additional features create a complete system, informing nurses and supervisors of medication discrepancies, missed charting, med refusals, PRN meds given, pill count discrepancies and more.

  • Medication discrepancies
  • Missed charting
  • Med refusals
  • PRN meds given
  • Pill count discrepancies

Medication Management

At its core, Medication Management is the process of ensuring residents receive the medications they need in a safe and timely manner. With RTasks, nurses can do the initial entry and med setup, then safely delegate the administration and documentation of both scheduled and unscheduled medications.  Staff have, at their fingertips, med-specific instructions, medication policies and procedures, and links to the National Institute of Health database.  Nurses have the ability to easily review PRN med administration and med efficacy, declined meds, be alerted to meds sent out of the facility with residents, and be alerted to pill count discrepancies. Also, keep track of disposed and discharged medications along with a medication history and pill count history. 

Pharmacy Connect

RTasks interfaces with pharmacy software to create a seamless transition and medication reconciliation between pharmacy and facility. When a med order is sent to the pharmacy, it is transferred electronically to RTasks.  RTasks filters any redundancies, then presents medications to the facility nurse for review. Whether it’s an existing med with changes or a new medication, nurses have complete control over the schedule and instructions. Once the medication is processed, it appears on the schedule for staff for administration. Reports are available to identify meds imported through the pharmacy import.  


Caregivers chart medications per resident in real time. Only the medications to be given at a specific time will appear on the caregivers’ to-do list.  Meds can be marked as administered or declined.  If a med is declined, a note is required.   Nurses can also require a note for specified meds like insulin (e.g. injection site or patch location, pain level). Nurses can also opt to have staff verify meds prior to administration. As needed or PRN meds alert staff if being given too soon, require a reason for administration, and will auto-populate a follow-up service to document efficacy. 

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