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Posted on June 20th, 2023 to Residex Blogs

by Sami, LPN

The Reports feature in RTasks has been designed to provide our clients with an easy and efficient way to access important data and insights within the program.  I like to share with our users, “the more information you enter, the more you can pull into reports.”

We have numerous reports and work to ensure that clients can access what they need. To make searching for the right report easy, we have keywords in each title and/or description.

There are also numerous report categories. Did you know we have a ‘Quick Reports‘ category? These Quick Reports allow you to specify the criteria that you would like to see on a report.

Still not finding the report you need? Are there reports that you need to print often but cannot quite remember the names of them each time? Tags are a great way to organize not only your most used reports, but also the reports that are of high priority. Once a report is associated with a ‘tag’, the ‘tag’ folder will be available at the top of the category list. Employees with the Supervisor (Role 13) have the ability to create tags to further customize report organization

Would a report be more beneficial with additional information? We have a feedback tool right on the reports screen. Another helpful feature that is at your fingertips is the ability to create many reports in your preferred file type (ie. PDF, CVS, Excel or Word).

RTasks’ Reports feature has proven its value as a powerful tool to help our clients make informed decisions and stay on top of their goals!

Available now: Outbound Faxing for med reorders

Care Fundamentals LMS is the educational tool for new and existing RTasks users to organize, maintain, and exceed staff training needs. Backed by RTasks’ intuitive learning management system, Care Fundamentals LMS makes training readily available and accessible for staff to complete and for supervisors to manage. Reports can be automatically generated to show successful completion of training for facility and surveyor records. Care Fundamentals LMS boosts staff learning capabilities and streamlines training responsibilities across every dimension of long-term care facilities.

A new campus configuration, ‘Pharmacy Connect – Outbound Faxing,’ will complete the circle of communication between you and your pharmacy with RTasks’ ability to send faxes at scheduled intervals to notify the pharmacy of changes such as Med Reorders, New Meds, Discontinued Meds, and the list goes on. Click here to learn more: https://docs.rtasks.net/docs/pharmacy-connect#outbound-faxing.

Coming Soon:

RTasks Connect is a messaging system that promotes communication between the facility and residents, resident families, and staff. It includes the added ability for facilities to obtain electronic signatures on documents. Stay tuned for more information.

Updates: ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes

This update was introduced in last month’s newsletter. Some updates have been made to this feature with the intent of making diagnosis codes even more accessible.

  1. Search by ICD-10 code: start typing in the first few digits of a diagnosis code and you will be presented with a list to select from.
  2. Search by keyword: Start typing kidney, lung, or other general concepts and you will be presented with a list to select from. Matches will be more accurate the more of the diagnosis you type.

This newly updated feature will help your nursing staff deliver more accurate information to clinical professionals. This is a configuration that can be turned on or off. On July 1st, this new diagnosis list feature will be turned on for all of our clients. Please contact our support team at support@residexsoftware.com to have it turned on prior to July 1st or with any questions

Ask ResiDex

Q: What is the difference between a Campus and a Community in RTasks?

A: Campus: Basic grouping of residents and staff in RTasks by site/building.

Community: A subgroup of a Campus. Communities may be different types of care (Assisted Living, Memory Care), or different parts of the Campus (different floors/wings/buildings).

For more information, click here:  https://docs.rtasks.net/docs/campus#campus

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