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Staff Onboarding Tools

We know onboarding new staff is one of the most important processes in your facility.  The only way to provide quality care to those you serve is to have well-trained, competent, compassionate staff.  RTasks has many ways to help make the onboarding experience better for the employee, and more organized and efficient for the person responsible for the training!

One way RTasks software can help you is to have our staff set up a group of Learn RTasks LMS courses to be delivered to new staff automatically, based upon their Provider Type. Contact RTasks today to get this set up at  Learning to document in RTasks properly is one of the best ways to ensure your employee will have the tools they need to be successful in their new role!

If your staff are required to review Master Care Plans for residents, or Policies entered into RTasks:

  • You can use the Populate Care Plans button to assign a staff member to review current resident Care Plans.
  • You can use the Populate Policies button to assign the staff member to review all Policies or specific individual Policies.

Once populated, the user will be prompted to read and acknowledge Care Plans / Policies when they next log in to RTasks so you can prove compliance by running the reports- Care Plans Reviewed- Staff or Review of Policies- One Staff.

Photos in RTasks for staff members are a nice way for you to introduce your new staff person to the rest of the team!  To add or change a photo of an individual staff member.

  • Click the Change photo link on the Staff Profile
  • Drag and Drop a photo from your computer into the target window or use the Upload button to find a photo from your device.
  • Crop, center, and/or rotate the photo if necessary,
  • Press Save to finish

Staff Orientation should be complete, informative and as efficient as possible to get new staff ready for their new role!  RTasks offers several tools to help you with this process:

  • Staff Training – Document staff training by navigating to the Staff Profile > In-service Trainings . You may choose to make one entry to document an orientation or break it down by topic. Curriculum can be saved in Campus Documents.
  • Care Fundamentals is a set of on-demand virtual training that will help meet the requirements for the training required by the 144G Assisted Living License, including the dementia care requirements. This feature is being beta tested by clients now, and if you are interested in learning more please contact our sales team at:!

In some states, like Minnesota, RN’s who are training new caregivers are required to conduct competency testing by direct supervision if they are delegating skills such as passing medications, or performing Dr. ordered treatments like compression stockings. Any policy/procedure classified as the type ‘Procedure’ will automatically be visible in the Staff Profile to document Certification / Competency Testing. You can document the successful demonstration of delegated skills right in the staff profile and run the report: Staff Supervision – Summary to show compliance with the requirement to supervise the staff person within 30 days of hire and as necessary thereafter.

The Staff Supervision feature in the Staff Profile allows the nurse to intermittently document the supervision of staff performing a delegated task or service. First, you can specify which provider types will be supervised in your database. Users with the 411 Role can manage this by navigating to Today > +More > Campus > Staff Provider Types and select each Provider type that will require a Staff Supervision, set next due dates, and receive reminders to do those at appropriate intervals, or choose to document a new supervision if the staff person is involved in an incident or error.

This article is just a sampling of the tools within RTasks that can help you provide an organized, thorough orientation experience for your new employees.  We know the importance of a good initial onboarding experience, and hope these tools are helping you train and keep track of the orientation for your employees!

Feature Highlight

Care Fundamentals

Care Fundamentals LMS is a Learning Management System that provides courses for training staff on the essentials of caregiving. RTasks has partnered with Erin Bonitto, a nationally-known dementia communication and care coach to create a unique dementia training series as part of their Care Fundamentals courses which meets statutory requirements and gives practical, real-life examples for onboarding new staff. 

Feedback on Care Fundamentals:

“I have been going through a few courses and find it incredibly user-friendly. It will help speed up our training, which costs an incredible amount each year. I also enjoy that the questions are well thought out, but somewhat simple to answer. This will help decrease frustration during training, while allowing the staff person to still learn. Looks great so far!” ~Assisted Living Director

Available NOW (FREE for a trial period)

If you are interested in testing Care Fundamentals LMS, please contact for more details.

Report Highlights

Coming Soon – Symbols and Descriptors

Under Fax/Print > Reports, you will be able to identify which Role or Provider(s) the report is enabled for, the category the report is in, and be able to view the key below to identify the symbols associated with some reports.

« Staff see data only for residents they have access to

¢ Billing Role 4 Needed

$ AR Module Needed

(S) Report Available for eSignatures

(D) Report Available to Send to Connect Users

Click here to learn more:

Check This Out

Emergency Relocation Notification

Did you know RTasks offers a way to Notify of an Emergency Relocation? First, you want to document a note utilizing the template provided for the note type ‘Emergency Relocation Notification’. Next, and very importantly, you want to run the report ‘Emergency Relocation Notification’ so that you have all the data required when sending the notification.

Important Note

Admin 411 Role

The Administrator (411) Role is the most powerful permission that can be granted to an RTasks user because it allows users to manage sensitive, critical configuration settings. It should be restricted to as few users as possible. However, with staff turnover, we find that sometimes this role is not handed off and a facility is left without a 411 user. We are calling on our users to check the status of this role within your facility by running the report ‘Staff – With Administrator Role’. If this report returns no data, please contact us at so that we can assist you in identifying the key person for your facility!

Q & A

Report Requests

Q:  How can I request a new report or report modification?

A: Click on “Give Feedback” on the Reports screen and enter your request.

*This request will be sent directly to our support staff and development team who will follow up with you if clarification is needed. Otherwise, you will receive notification once the report request has been completed.

For Leading Age MN members

Leading Age MN Data Portal

We are working in collaboration with Leading Age MN to enhance your ability to measure care quality. The Leading Age member can submit data through the portal that will allow visibility to comparative data with similar facilities. By capturing and analyzing data (i.e. resident falls, ER visits), managers will be able to identify where improvements are needed in the quality of care that is being provided at their facility. This is a great opportunity for Leading Age MN members! If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please email

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