Whitepaper: Does Your Software Help You Deliver Top Notch Care?

This paper will provide strategies to help assisted living facilities deliver top notch care.

Delivery of Top Notch care is what we all strive to do! The assisted living industry has faced acute issues – pandemic, workforce shortages, increased expenses – on top of longer-term industry challenges of increasing acuity, high expectations, and increased regulatory requirements. Your goals of high quality care and enhanced quality of life for clients are within reach with the help of effective
software solutions, creative problem-solving, and teamwork!

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ResiDex Software has been providing Electronic Health Record (EHR) software since the year 2000. In that time, our software has evolved into RTasks.net – a powerful web app which provides critical functionality in the domains of clinical, billing, marketing and life enrichment, reporting, analysis, communication, and more!

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