Why do pharmacies love RTasks?

Posted on November 7th, 2022 to Pharmacy Newsletter Articles

  1. RTasks is easy to use and designed for all levels of computer literacy.
  2. RTasks Software support is managed by RTasks’ clinical support team 24/7.
  3. There is less troubleshooting involved – RTasks’ end-user tools assist in med and resident reconciliation
  4. RTasks is a well-integrated, all-inclusive solution for facilities with clinical, billing, A/R functionality.

RTasks web-based platform means easy accessibility for facilities and pharmacies alike.  RTasks’ Pharmacy integration offers ongoing medication reconciliation and improved medication management processes for the facility.  Take some time to view our website, get acquainted with RTasks’ background, business philosophy, and our unparalleled customer support!

Be an RTasks partner!

RTasks’ Pharmacy Connect feature bridges the gap between the pharmacy and the client. This one-way interface between your pharmacy software and RTasks allows facilities to receive prescription orders from the pharmacy without the middle-man.  Facility staff can review, process, and fine-tune instructions necessary to delegate med administration to staff.

We know you want the best service and support for your assisted living clients.  We do, too!  Why not partner with us to make the client experience the best it can possibly be?

To find out more about pharmacy partnerships, give a shout-out to Jeremy Chrysler – jeremy@residexsoftware.com.

Behold the “dashboard”!

RTasks’  user-friendly software presents relevant information to the pharmacist as well as facility staff 

Our new Pharmacy Dashboard provides pertinent  information that allows you to focus on what you do best – effectively manage medications for clients

Here are a few examples from the dashboard created specifically for you:

Med Changes – Last 72 hours – All Campus

Changes to meds for all residents in all campuses in the last 72 hours

Medications Rejected – Last 2 Weeks

Medications that have been rejected via Pharmacy Connect for all residents in last 2 weeks

Meds – Pharmacy Import Unprocessed

QA Summary of Meds that require Initial Validation

Meds Declined – Last 7 days

Meds that have been marked ‘Declined/Not given’, including notes-in the last 7 days

New Admits – Last 7 Days

All new residents admitted in the last 7 days

Discharged Residents – Last 2 Weeks

Residents discharged in the last 2 weeks, including date, reason and location

Pharm Connect Mismatched Residents

List of residents that have mismatched identifier(s) from pharmacy in comparison to RTasks

WOW! This is available NOW! 

If you would like to find out more, contact our support staff at 1-866-512-8369 opt 2. 

Step by Step

Implementing a pharmacy interface with RTasks is simple and straightforward. We provide step-by-step instructions for your IT department and pharmacy staff as needed.

Once the setup is finished and a facility code is created, our team completes the connection on our end. We coordinate with the facility to schedule a “data dump” of resident medications and provide support in processing the medications.

ResiDex staff handles all e-MAR training for the client and any training the pharmacy requests.  For more information, click on this link. We would be glad to discuss your questions! Give us a call – 1-866-512-8369 opt 2.

Make a connection

We are interested in establishing a connection with you!

RTasks is compatible with many LTC pharmacy software platforms…

We are also interested in building additional interfaces as the need arises.

There is no cost associated with establishing a pharmacy connection with RTasks. 

If you are already connected with RTasks, please let us know if we can help you with additional capabilities.

Call today to find out more! 1-866-512-8369 opt 2

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