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Posted on April 21st, 2023 to Residex Blogs

What is a User Group Meeting, you ask?

We believe that connecting with our clients on a regular basis is beneficial for your overall understanding and effective use  of RTasks. We also believe that the best ideas come from you, our customers!

We hold onsite and online meetings in hopes of capturing the majority of our users who wish to learn more and grow in their understanding of RTasks. 

Typically about one hour in length, our user group meetings are a great way to collaborate with other users, learn about new updates, tips and tricks, and discuss recent survey findings.

We leave time for a Q & A session  at the end of the meeting.  You can submit your questions ahead of time so we leave no stone unturned!  Contact us at:

Join us for these upcoming monthly online User Group Meetings:

  • MN 245D – Tuesday, April 25th at 1 pm CDT
  • Assisted Living – Tuesday, May 9th at 1 pm CDT 

Click on this link to register:×808090073823182800

To find out more about our on-site User Group Meetings or to volunteer as host, please contact

Introducing: Shift Notes!

Shift Notes are a new RTasks feature allowing all staff to share informal shift-to-shift information with one another directly on the Today screen.

While the Dashboard Login report shows important information (recent incidents, missed charting, etc…) upon login, Shift Notes can be used to share additional insights or information helpful for continuity of care.

Shift Notes are visible on the screen for 12 hours, can be viewed as a report for up to 5 days, and then are removed from the system.

This document tells about this exciting new feature:

Med Administration Notes

What is the best way to ensure that your medication passes are documented completely and accurately?

Utilizing medication administration notes can make the difference between good and great documentation.

Here’s how to effectively use these notes to your advantage:

  1. Med Administration Notes: When entering or editing a medication for a resident, you can specify a note must be entered at time of administration.These notes can be free text and/or a list of Snippet response options can be selected  (e.g. patch or injection location or pain level).

RECENT UPDATE: If a medication administration note is required, the user cannot enter a period (.) placeholder as a note. They will need to enter a true note or snippet. This change will provide better data on reports.

2. Nurse Review Notes: Nurses can enter a separate note for individual medications by navigating to Clinical > Med Charting History to indicate any special circumstances or considerations regarding a med that was administered, declined, or missed.  (i.e. orders not received). This will further clarify any anomalies in the medication pass. Missed meds will be ‘accounted for’ and no longer be marked as missed.

Remember that you can contact ResiDex Support if you would like to customize your Med Admin snippets:

How to Track Supply Usage

Did you know that you can track supply usage in RTasks?  This is helpful if you maintain a supply closet and wish to charge out products or supplies to individual residents, or simply track usage.

If you are  using the RTasks Billing module, you can effectively track supplies and add charges to resident invoices or statements.

Here’s how to create charges for supplies:

  1. Contact RTasks support to turn on the supply usage configuration.
  2. In +More: Record Supply Usage, create your own supply list by entering  items and dollar amounts.
  3. As supplies are provided to residents they will enter the  supply  by selecting the  resident,  supply item, and count. (RTasks will automatically input the cost per unit and the total.)
  4. Any supply entered can be edited or deleted until invoices are generated from Today > + More > View Supply Usage History. Click on this link to learn more:
  5. Supplies entered will appear on the resident Charge screen and added to the upcoming invoice.

If you are not currently using RTasks Billing, please contact our sales team for more information:

Am I missing something?

Q: Why is a medication set up to be administered every 10 days not showing up on the expected due date? 

A: The order active date was likely allowed to default to the current date/time, or not entered accurately.  

More info:  To ensure that an intermittent (not daily) medication appears on the Today screen, you will need to make sure that you have scheduled the medication to start on the first day it should be administered. See this article for more info:

My Favorite Feature


Over the years, I have used the Task Manager in RTasks to track and record my daily tasks and projects. This has been a game-changer for me! I can stay on top of my schedule and keep my communication efforts consistent.

I have worked with many of our clients to create processes that work for them.  Task Manager has been an integral part of this in management of prospective residents, maintenance work orders, and annual system checks (i.e. fire extinguishers).

Task Manager has also been used in the context of group homes where more independent residents need to be checked out/in for participation in work programs or adult day centers. This flexibility in usage really lends itself to be a more universal feature.

In my mind, there is greater value in a product that helps you grow and expand its usability. That’s Task Manager. That’s RTasks!

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