Paperless Faxing

E-Faxing lets you receive faxes (that would traditionally be printed on paper by a fax machine) in a digital format, without any printing on your end. Instead, faxes you receive will alert you to their arrival and be viewable in RTasks.Net! You can also send faxes from RTasks by uploading an image file or pdf!

A Digital History

In addition to sending and receiving faxes, users now also have a record of all faxes they have sent accessible to them, organized by a simple system that makes your documentation significantly more comprehensive.

Each fax you send or receive can be assigned to a category, given a description and associated with a particular resident or staff member. Once recorded, your entire history of faxes can be easily searched for a particular document you need, even long after that document was sent or received. Your faxes will be stored in a secure encrypted state!

Multiple Fax Numbers

You can as few as one fax phone number, or as many different fax phone numbers as you require to meet your needs. Your entire organization can use just one number, or or each community could have their own numbers. 

Faxing is available as an optional extension of RTask.Net - if you're interested, let us know and we'd be happy to provide a demonstration!

Electronic faxing capabilities are available as an optional extension of RTasks.Net.