November 2022 Newsletter

Posted on November 17th, 2022 to Pharmacy Newsletter Articles

Featuring ~

Technical Support

Our mission is to provide quality software, fully-supported by a team of qualified professionals who  work to enhance our product and meet the requirements of our clients.

We want to support you!

  1. LMS Courses – Our Learning Management System provides quality training that is self-paced and available on demand.  We give you the tools needed to get your staff trained, tested, and ready to work in as efficient a way as possible. RTasks LMS positions your team for success!
  2. Implementation Meetings – Every new RTasks client is paired with an implementation mentor who is knowledgeable about the industry AND  software. They guide you through the implementation process, supplementing LMS training with periodic check-ins. It’s a collaborative process, adaptable to meet your needs.
  3. Support System – We at RTasks provide unlimited support – answering questions, suggesting best practices as we assist you in addressing problems you may encounter. RTasks staff are ready to answer your calls and emails on weekdays during business hours (8 am – 5 pm CST). Nights and weekends are staffed by on-call personnel for your urgent requests.
  4. Consulting – For those clients who need assistance beyond the scope of our software support and training, RTasks offers consulting services. Consulting may include but is not limited to survey preparation, chart audits, and behavior management analysis.  Contact for more information.

We want to partner with you.

Being successful in this industry requires commitment.  We at RTasks know that you are busy;  we feel our tools and support can offer you the best chance for success! 

Support phone: 1-866-512-8369 opt 2

Support email:

What’s New! ~

Moving Prospects

Our customers who have multiple campuses within their database will appreciate that they  can now enter a prospective client in one campus, then move or transfer them as a prospect to another campus.  If services have been entered for that prospect, they will transfer to the new campus and assign either to a provider by the same name (if it exists) or to the default provider (from which you can reassign)..  

This update is especially useful for marketing professionals who are working to meet the needs and preferences of a number of prospective clients.  

Staffing Shortages

Assisted living facilities and health care in general are facing unparalleled staffing shortages. There is no one single solution to this problem, but electronic health records are a part of the answer.  As you know, ResiDex Software—a complete, integrated software–offers a system with efficiencies and  tools needed to allow staff to work ‘smarter’.

Charting Efficiencies with RTasks by ResiDex 

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in general offer benefits including efficient data entry, easy retrieval of information, and efficient reporting functionality. 

RTasks by ResiDex offers still more advantages:  

  • No redundant entry of information 
  • Web-based accessibility
  • Dissemination of ‘need-to-know’ information to caregivers– Care Plans, Policies and Procedures, up-to-the-minute changes in service details
  • Fully integrated data entry tells the resident’s story – from services to notes, and assessments to incidents.

RTasks by ResiDex offers smart solutions as it simplifies required tasks, enhances communication, and maximizes staff efficiency.

Do you know of an assisted living facility or group home that is looking for a software solution? Send them our way – 1-866-512-8369 opt 1 or

Top-Notch Care

Assisted living and group home settings have seen rising acuity levels among its residents for several years. Facility staff are challenged to provide an expanding range of treatments and services, and meet the increased demands of residents with limited resources and time.

Adaptability – Routine Cares to Complex Treatment Management

RTasks tackles the issue of increasing resident acuity with customizable treatment services. Not only do treatment services offer resident-specific details and links to facility policies & procedures, they also allow a coordinated supervision of that treatment by nurses.

Staff document treatments at point-of-care,  and can notify the nurse of concerns via Snap Messages.  Nurses receive notifications real-time.  In addition, nurses are prompted to provide ongoing supervision of the treatment at specified intervals, to evaluate effectiveness of the treatment, and coordinate care with other providers.

 Communication with prescribers and pharmacies – and periodic reconciliation of orders – can all be performed electronically in RTasks. Considered a nursing best practice, this ensures continuity of care across providers and assists in the management of complex care.

Bottom Line: RTasks by ResiDex is Top Notch Care Software

Regardless of the different needs and requirements of residents within a facility, RTasks has the features and functionality that ensures staff can monitor and assist residents for the best quality care. RTasks by ResiDex is the software that helps you deliver exceptional care! 

Are you using RTasks fully?  Be sure to reach out to our support staff to get the scoop on features and functions you may not be utilizing. We’re happy to help!

Phone: 1-866-512-8369 opt 2


Ask ResiDex!

Missing Medications

Problem:  Why doesn’t a resident medication appear under the Clinical> Setup/Verify  Medications for me to document?

Solution: Check the medication entry fields for a couple of items:

1) Is the medication administration set to “self” or “family”?

2) Is the medication checked to “Hide on Mar”? 

More Info: If you are still stumped, contact our helpful support team!

My Favorite RTasks Feature

Angela – RTasks Send

RTasks is really such a user-friendly EHR software that it is difficult to pick just one feature that I really like.  I will have to say,  as a previous housing manager and social worker, it is super convenient to have RTasks Send at my fingertips. The ability for family members, county workers and other entities to privately and safely send resident documents to RTasks makes life so much easier!  

We all know that convenience and security are top priorities when it comes to anything these days, but especially with sensitive health information.  With RTasks send, users receive a URL from the facility and they can easily and securely send documents without the use of a fax machine.  

RTasks users with the Fax/Files role (Role 42) are able to log in and process these documents just as they would a fax.  When a new document is waiting to be processed, a blue Fax / Files flag pops up on the lower right-hand corner of your RTasks screen.  Note that RTasks Send documents are flagged as a File Upload, which sets them apart from Faxes.

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