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Referrals Are Getting An Upgrade!

ResiDex and RTasks have provided the capability to generate a Clinical Referral with just a few clicks for those times you need to send a resident out of the building to see another health care provider. A Clinical Referral pulls in all the details the resident's doctors, dentists and others providers may need to see, and have places for those doctors to send back notes, instructions, or other feedback. Now, Clinical Referrals in RTasks & ResiDex are getting an upgrade!

Referral Appointments

Often you need to schedule Doctor's visits, dental visits, or other healthcare in advance. In this situation, it would be helpful to have a reminder of the appointment come up when the appointment rolls around. This is where the upgrade to our Referral system comes into play. 

With a few clicks you can schedule a Referral in advance - and thatReferral will show up in RTasks like any other job your staff needs to complete! 
When creating a Referral appointment, you will be asked for a few additional pieces of information:

  • What resident thisReferral is for, 
  • The type of visit (Checkup, dental, eye exam...?)
  • The date of the appointment this Referral is for
  • Reason for Referral, notes (optional)

New & Optional

  • Time - when is the appointment.
  • Departure time - when the resident would need to leave to make the appointment.
  • Reminder time - when this reminder will show up for your staff. 
  • External care provider and/or Clinic the resident will be seeing for this appointment. 
  • The Provider at your organization that should be reminded of this appointment when it comes up.

 Entering all the above will generate a reminder that appears in RTasks for your users that will appear at the scheduled Reminder time. When this reminder appears, your staff will be provided with all details they may need, including anything entered above, clinic address and phone number, and other details; your staff will also be able to print off a detailed Referral Report from the reminder with just a click of a button!

Learn more about Referral Appointments here!