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ResiDex Software News!

Significant RTasks & ResiDex updates coming next week!

We're releasing a wave of significant improvements to RTasks and ResiDex!

RTasks: Streamlining the User Interface

We are always working on the RTasks User Interface to improve usability and functionality. In this next updates, we have a couple key changes! 

Condensing the Service Header

At the top of each service you chart in RTasks, you're presented with important details about the resident the service is for, such as allergies, care plan, diet, code status, etc. This section has been consolidated to take up less vertical space and to reduce a large amount of scrolling previously needed.

Previous Version

Updated Version

Collapsible Medication Management

In a further effort to reduce vertical scrolling, we are introducing the ability to collapse / expand medication lists wherever they appear. All meds may be listed in a collapsed state, all may be listed in an expanded state, or a combination may be used. 

E-MAR Medication Assist Service Medication Setup Medication Sent out of Facility

By default, the E-MAR is fully expanded,
but it can be...

Completely collapsed:

Improved medication setup screen,
partially expanded:
Improved 'Meds sent out of facility' screen,
entirely collapsed: 


Partially expanded:








Font Size Reduction

In further streamlining the UI and reducing vertical scrolling, we have adjusted our font size to 14 point font - a standard size across the internet. Users who wish to see larger text still can see it by pressing Control + on their keyboard, or adjusting the display on a tablet / smartphone!

Medication History

We have made a minor change to the display to view the history of med passes for a resident, related to PRN meds. 

  • When passing a PRN med, users will have a checkbox option to display the history of ALL meds; if unchecked the Med History screen will only display med pass history for the user's selected PRN med.

  • PRN med follow-up notes are now visible in the med history screen, in addition to the original note documenting why a PRN was given. Now users will see why a PRN was given AND the response to the PRN from within the Medication History screen.

Unsaved Changes

RTasks will now prompt users who attempt to leave or reload a page with unsaved data before they do so.
This prevents unfinished data from being accidentally lost by hitting the 'Back' or 'Reload' buttons.

Notable Improvements

Notes recorded by users e-charting a service (for instance: notes about providing a service, or why a service was declined) are now viewable in the Resident Note History screen!

To view Service Notes alongside Resident Notes, make sure the "Include service notes" checkbox is checked!

Aides may now be allowed to read resident notes (entered by nurses) but be prevented from adding notes themselves.

To allow non-nursing staff to READ resident nursing notes, but PREVENT them from writing resident notes:

  • Give non-nursing users the Staff Role "Resident Notes"
  • Change Setup Tab > Campus > Campus Configuration > Notes > "Aides with 'Resident Notes' role can create Notes" to YES

Vital improvements

Two improvements have been made to how Vitals work in RTasks:

The Provider type of the user who recorded a vital now displays next to their name, making it clear at a glance if the user who recorded a vital is a Nurse or not.
Vitals recorded at the time of an Incident will now automatically pull into the incident report summary in RTasks!

Assessment Improvements

When completing an Assessment in RTasks and scheduling the next Assessment, users may now optionally enter a "Reason" why the next Assessment will be given.

Finally, we are implementing changes to maintain Assessment integrity.

Assessments will now simply reflect the date the user marks it complete as the actual "Completion Date." Users can't back-date, future-date or edit completion dates of Assessments. This has long been the case in RTasks assessments, and will now be the case in ResiDex as well. The reasons for this change:

  • Primarily this change is made because it is good nursing practice, however this change will also:
  • Prevent users from marking a future completion date, which could be construed as fraud.
  • Prevent users from entering an earlier date, which corrupts the assessment history.

To address potential concerns, we have added the ability for Nurses to add a note under the "Assessment Overview" screen for the resident, so if there are extenuating circumstances (resident was hospitalized, internet was down, etc...) they can indicate reasons for late entry there.