ResiDex Software News!

It's Time.

ResiDex is proud to announce the initial release of a staff time clock capability in RTasks! The ability for users to punch in and out of their shift has long been a highly requested feature of ResiDex users, and now it is finally here.


Punch In

Available as an additional component, the ResiDex Time Clock will give your staff the tools to manage their clocking-in and clocking-out of their shifts right from within RTasks and integrated with ResiDex! With the Time Clock capabilities built right into RTasks, there's no need to purchase an external time clock system and the hardware they require!

Users will be able to punch in when they log into RTasks, and will be required to do so before they begin charting in RTasks!

Users can Log In and Log Out of RTasks throughout the day without Clocking Out; when they're ready to end their shift they can choose to Clock Out

If a punch is missed, users can submit their own punch corrections for review by administration. 

Administrators enjoy the ability to easily review and correct punches as well as reporting on punch history.

ResiDex and RTasks users can take a look here to see more about how the ResiDex Time Clock is used: Time clock basicsRevising incorrect punches 

This is just the beginning of ResiDex staff time management capabilities - expect more to come in the future! Come and be among the first to try out our new Time Clock capabilities!