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Restrict RTasks Access for your staff

RTasks has long had the ability for organizations to limit certain staff members to log in only from preauthorized locations - we call this functionality "IP Address Restriction," and this week it's gotten a big boost.

Whats the deal with IP Address Restriction?

You can limit the ability of your staff to access RTasks on a person-by-person basis. You can specify for each individual staff member:

  • IF they are able to access RTasks at all
  • WHAT they can see when they're in RTasks (can they view/add resident notes? Record Assessments or Incidents? etc)
  • and WHERE that staff member can log in from - this last option is our "IP Address Restriction" feature

IP Address restriction allows you to limit individual staff members so they can only log into RTasks.net from your WiFi network -if a restricted user tries to log into RTasks from home, for instance, they would not be able to. This system is flexible so that you can specify certain users are restricted, but other users (like on-call nurses, for instance), are not. 
This feature does require you have a static IP address from your ISP wherever restricted users are allowed to connect from.

Whats New with IP Address Restriction?

In addition to managing IP Address restriction settings from within ResiDex, administrators can now manage these settings entirely from within RTasks - logging into ResiDex is not needed!

Administrators can set IP Addresses that restricted users are allowed to connect from. Old addresses can be removed, new addresses can be added! Additionally, administrators can manage their users restriction settings - if an administrator wants to lock or unlock a user's ability to log into RTasks from anywhere, it's as simple as a few clicks!

Current RTasks users can learn more about using these settings here!

It now one step easier to manage your site's security!