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ResiDex Software News!

RTasks E-MAR Improved for PRN E-Charting

We've made a small but significant enhancement to how data is presented to staff charting a PRN medication!

But First, a Review of RTasks E-MAR Capabilities

The RTasks E-MAR allows care providers to document medication administrations in real time at the point of care. This isn't just for the regularly scheduled medication administrations, it goes for PRN (aka "As Needed") medications as well. Some key features of the RTasks E-MAR's PRN medication administration tools: 

  • Users can view each resident's standing orders / what medications they are authorized to give on an 'as needed' basis, and what reasons are acceptable to give those medications 
  • Staff are able to quickly view what medications have been administered recently, when, by whom, and any notes that were made. 
  • When an "As Needed" medication is administered, a follow-up task for staff to document the resident's response is scheduled automatically.
  • "As Needed" medication administrations  may be viewed in charting logs and reports in ResiDex, with all pertinent notes and details. 
  • Nursing staff has the ability to be alerted to review in RTasks all PRN medications administered by staff, to indicate the nursing team is aware of the administration, and to optionally add further nursing notes if they would like.

You can learn more about our E-MAR capabilities here! 

PRN Med Administration Has Been Improved!

The RTasks E-MAR has been improved to provide better documentation in a specific situation: when a resident has the same medication regularly scheduled AND available as a PRN.  In this situation, users administering this medication on a PRN basis may need to know how many times this medication has been provided that same day, to make sure the medication is not administered if a limit is reached.   This information was previously available, but now staff encountering this situation will be presented with this information immediately when starting the medication pass:

This is just one small adjustment to make sure staff are getting the best available data exactly when they need it to help them do their jobs as effectively as possible!