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RTasks Incident Documentation Has Been Improved

You can now add follow-up notes to an incident report in RTasks!

Recording Incidents in ResiDex and RTasks

While all care providers do their best to prevent incidents, incidents can't always be avoided.
When incidents do occur, ResiDex incident reporting capabilities allow care providers to manage their incident documentation in a centralized and controlled setting. They can create rich, high quality documentation for events like falls, 911 calls, aggressive behaviors and more. 

Incident E-Charting has long been available in both platforms of the ResiDex Software family (ResiDex and RTasks.Net) to make sure all users who need this tool have access to it. Learn more about our Incident documentation features!

Incident Follow-Up Notes Now Available in RTasks

Recording follow-up notes to incidents is an important capability of our incident reporting features and allow users to document efforts to prevent recurrences of incidents, progress in recover from incidents and other related information. This capability has long been available in ResiDex, and now we are proud to announce it is available in RTasks! Now, RTasks users (with the appropriate permissions) can record follow-up notes to incidents with RTasks at the point of care!

As always, incident documentation recorded in desktop ResiDex and in RTasks are accessible through both systems, regardless of where they were originally recorded!

For more information on HOW your users can document incident follow-up notes, check out our support documentation!