ResiDex Software News!

RTasks Important update!

RTasks Support for out-of-date web browsers will be dropped 6/30/15

This is a notice that effective 6/30/2015 RTasks.net will only support current versions of web browsers.
  • Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10 (and previous I.E. versions) WILL NOT be supported after 6/30/2015
  • Current versions of Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari WILL continue to be supported.
  • This change will not affect users of 'desktop' ResiDex.

Reasons for this Change

We will be dropping support for older versions of web browsers because the additional software development, testing and support required for RTasks.net to be able to work on older versions of web browsers as well as in current versions is significantly large and provides no additional benefit to clients. 
Supporting these older versions of web browsers even places limits our clients who already do have current versions: the old versions have unique bugs, quirks, and other issues that we have to code specifically to address, even thought these problems are solved in current versions. This slows down our development cycles.
Additionally, older versions also are not always capable of taking advantage of new/improved software development tools, libraries and frameworks: as a result we are not able to take advantage of many modern software efficiencies and interface improvements, which also considerably slows down the speed of our development cycle.

Expected Impact on RTasks Clients

We do not anticipate implementing this change will have a significant impact on our clients.
There should be no additional software expense to our clients for this change, and very little time is needed to download and install a current version of a web browser.\
Please note: outdated browsers are most typically found on Windows computers, and almost always applies to Microsoft Internet Explorer. This is rarely ever a problem on tablets/smartphones/mobile devices.
  • Apple forces browser updates through operating system updates and doesn't give you a chance to opt out.
  • Android auto-updates the browser unless an opt-out is specified on each device.
  • Windows versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox also auto-update

What's Next

Though support will end on 6/30/15, we would like to encourage all users to move to a current version of a web browser as soon as they can, ideally before 6/15/15.  
If you foresee any problems or issues with this change, please get in touch with us - we will work with you!