ResiDex Software News!

April 2015 ResiDex Updates

ResiDex Software is pleased to roll out enhanced features to both desktop ResiDex and RTasks functionality! The update will Tuesday, April 21st, at 7:00am; users can anticipate the following improvements:

Overall System Updates

  • Medication start and end times- we have enlarged fields in the medication entry screen that will allow the nurse to enter specific start and stop times (in addition to start and stop dates).  This is not a required field, but will allow the nurse greater detail when adding medications such as antibiotics, steroid tapers, and other detailed med regimens.

  • Task Manager will now support Rich text- allowing users to select toolbar options such as bold text, font size, and bulleted items.

  • Improved password reset options-  We have simplified the process for supervisors to reset passwords in desktop ResiDex.  RTask-users will also have the ability to reset RTask passwords from within RTask itself.  (Supervisors on-call can do so from their cell phone, tablet, or computer).  

Desktop ResiDex Specific Updates

  • Pharmacy Connect enhancements- create a seamless link between your facility and pharmacy.  Pharmacy Connect 2.0 has a much simpler implementation process and allows two-way communication between pharmacy and nurse.  Either can enter a medication order received;  the nurse has the ability to either Accept as New, Merge, Replace, or Reject any medication entered by the pharmacy.  A rejection will send a fax back to the pharmacy with an explanation.

RTasks Specific Updates

  • Referral forms can now be created and printed for an unknown provider- useful if sending to an Urgent Care clinic or ER.  Instead of listing the MD and clinic information, blank lines will appear.

  • Pill counting enhancements-- Nurses will appreciate that staff will now be able to do controlled med counts within RTasks at several points in time:  with the receipt of medications from the pharmacy, during medication setup/pour, at the time of administration (both scheduled and unscheduled), at any point of time (for those facilities who perform change-of-shift counts), and with medication destruction. Supervisors can view and/or print a report that will detail counts at each point in time.

  • Unscheduled activity attendance- the process for entering data has been streamlined to sort alphabetically by community.  Larger facilities will find this makes long lists of residents easier to manage.

  • Resident drop down list filters will provide greater specificity to resident searches.  Only those residents who receive medication Setup/Pour will be viewed as options in that drop down box;  likewise, PRN admin will only list residents with PRNs to administer and the pill counting feature will only show those residents who have controlled medications to count.

If you have questions about any of the features or updates mentioned above, please call ResiDex support at 866-512-8369;  we’d be happy to visit!